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  • DBA/2 Untimed Pregnant Animals Female

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Product Summary

Common Name: DBA/2

To mider in 1938. To NIH in 1951 from Mider. To Charles River in 1974 from NIH. Then, it was introduced to Texas Inbred in 1963 via Kansas Univ. To Charles River (CRUS) in 1966 after IGS production program. Reintroduced to Charles River Laboratories Japan, Inc. [predecessor of The Jackson Laboratory Japan, Inc.] in 2013. IGS refers to animals bred using the Charles River International Genetic Standardization program.

Lineage Details

✓ High mortality to chloroform and ethylene oxide in male mice.
✓ High blood cell count.
✓ Low blood pressure.
✓ Spontaneous cardiac calcification at heart.
✓ Please check our website for more information.

>The mating date has not been checked, but the animal is confirmed to be pregnant.