• ICR Retired Breeders (specific month age) Male
    ICR Retired Breeders (specific month age) Male
  • ICR Retired Breeders (specific month age) Male

    Product Code:
    Strain name:
    List Price:
    1,620JPY ※The selling price may vary due to the transportation cost.
    Health Monitoring Grade:
    Age of Month:
    Mice may be wounded due to fighting.
    Female may be pregnant.
    Selling the age of months may vary due to strains.
    ※When adding other genders to the inquiry list at the same time, the selection items such as age in weeks and quantity will be the same.

Product Summary

Common Name: ICR

Originated from outbred Swiss mice and introduced to Charles River (CRUS) in 1959. After the IGS production program, they were reintroduced to Charles River Laboratories Japan, Inc. [predecessor of The Jackson Laboratory Japan, Inc.] in 2012. IGS refers to animals bred using the Charles River International Genetic Standardization program.

Lineage Details

✓ General multipurpose model
✓ Used throughout the world.
✓ Please check our website for more information.

>Animals that had been used as breeders, Information of age is available. (The age of the retired month age varies depending on the strain and sex.)
>Animals may have wound due to fighting.
>If you request month age of animals, additional breeding charge may be required.