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  • NSGMale4W-8W

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Product Summary

Common Name: NSG
This strain was introduced from The Jackson Laboratory to Charles River Laboratories Japan, Inc. [predecessor of The Jackson Laboratory Japan, Inc.] in 2012. NOD.Cg-PrkdcIl2rg/SzJ is a severely immunodeficient mouse carrying NOD.CB17-Prkdc/J with a complete null allele of the IL2 receptor common gamma chain.

Lineage Details

This strain is created by knocking out the Il2rg chain of NOD scid mice. Knockout of the Il2rg chain results in a defective cytokine signaling system. Therefore, in addition to the combined immunodeficiency of the NOD scid, the patients present with extensive immunodeficiency, including NK cell activity, and the xenograft rate is greatly increased. This strain is a complete knockout of the Il2rg chain. It is used worldwide and numerous references using this strain are available.