• SCID BeigeMale4W-8W
    SCID BeigeMale4W-8W
    SCID BeigeMale4W-8W
    SCID BeigeMale4W-8W
  • SCID BeigeMale4W-8W

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Product Summary

Common Name: SCID Beige A congenic mouse that possesses both autosomal recessive mutations SCID (Prkdcscid) and beige (Lystbg-J). The SCID mutation results in severe combined immunodeficiency affecting both the B and T lymphocytes. The beige mutation results in defective natural killer (NK) cells. This mouse was developed Croy, et al. at the University of Guelph by an intercross of C.B-17 scid/scid to C57BL/6 bg/bg mice. To Charles River (CRUS) in 1993. To Charles River Laboratories Japan, Inc. [predecessor of The Jackson Laboratory Japan, Inc.] in 2013.

Lineage Details

Dysfunction of B and T cells due to mutation of the SCID gene. Dysfunction of NK cells (natural killer cells) due to mutation of the Beige gene. In addition to the Scid gene, the Beige gene is congenic and is estimated to improve the transplantation rate of cancer cells and other cells. Since Leaky pieces, which were a problem with CB17-scid, hardly appear, it is assumed that the yield rate will be improved. Price is equivalent to CB17-scid. (Our comparison) There is a tendency to improve the transplantation rate of leukemia cell lines ( information from our customers).